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First Presbyterian Church

Preschool Program

Mother’s Morning Out

And Nursery School

(856) 429-0609

We Believe in Children…

…there is faith in their eyes,

love in their touch, and

hope in their attitude.

We thrill with them at life’s joys,

run with them through tall grasses,

and bow with them in worship.

They are the fragile dreams of yesterday,

Life’s radiant reality today

And the vibrant stuff of tomorrow.

Yes, we believe in children.

A few words from our Preschool Director, Barbara Sewall 
The philosophy of the First Presbyterian Church Preschool is to enrich the efforts of the home in promoting growth and happiness in children.

We believe children are individual and unique.

We strive to give each child a foundation for subsequent school learning in a Christian atmosphere of love and acceptance.

We provide a wide variety of learning experiences and at the same time give ample opportunity for the children to socialize.

We offer each child the opportunity to:

  • Develop a sense of security outside of the home

  • Enjoy new forms of creative play inside classrooms and outside the home and outside on the two age-appropriate playgrounds

  • Begin to accept standards for group harmony

  • Experience moments of wonder and awe about God’s world

  • Grow in self-expression and communication with others

We offer each parent the opportunity to:

  • Develop friendships with other parents

  • Experience children’s development within an age grouping

  • Enjoy valued personal time
Since 1970 the First Presbyterian Church Preschool has been providing an opportunity for preschool children to experience their first steps away from home in a loving, supportive Christian atmosphere. 

The Preschool Program consists of two programs that are approved by the Division of Youth and Family Services of the New Jersey Department of Licensing. Teachers are certified in CPR and First Aid. 

Professionally trained teachers recognize the primary importance of matching educational efforts with the developmental readiness of children. In doing so, children are working/playing within their abilities and are able to experience success and to develop positive feelings about themselves. 

Classroom flexibility allows for teachable moments, those spontaneous opportunities during the day which teachers may use as special teaching/learning/growing times. 

We invite you to visit our school and learn more. For additional information, please contact the preschool director, Barbara Sewall.